Emily Meuleman @New York Model Management, by Étienne Saint-Denis


At least now we don’t have to worry about gay boat people using fast Internet to learn at a well funded school.

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today’s the day australia picked money over equal rights for women, indigenous people and homosexuals, education, foreign aid and the environment.

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i’m back on tumblr after several months lol hi how is everyone

also can we talk about abbott being the new PM fuck so not here for this

hey!!!!!!!! wb

hey thnk u

idk if i will regularly blog again tho


this is the first time i’ve been on tumblr in like two months hi

stay at home and watch got tbh by the way i remember u were the one that got me onto it and now im OBSESSED

yeah i’m considering it lol or i could say i need to back home for at like 4 (in time for when got airs) for a “”“family thing”“” idk maybe

oh wow rly that’s nice got is the best i wouldn’t blame u


my friend’s inviting me to this thing tomorrow afternoon i haven’t seen her in like a month but the new season of game of thrones also premieres tomorrow omfg idek why i am even having this dilemma i’m such a shit friend ugh


carven homme s/s ‘13

photographed by sophie delaporte for grey III (detail)

Photographed by Craig McDean for Joe’s Magazine #2.

Sweatshirt – Masha Reva x SNDCT. 

“More and More Beautiful”Vogue Italia, September 2012Amber Valletta by Craig McDeanstylist: Karl Templer